170902 (1) : The Conference: OLD NEW - New ways of seeing in a binary world

A live talk show hosted by Tricia Wang starring Jason ‘Timbuktu’ Diakité & Alqumit Alhamad

As the world changes, so too do people’s needs, no more so than when it comes to self-expression. In a landscape where many of these changes are based on polarizing, binary values, how do people find spaces to express their identities?

To explore this question, we’re kicking off 2017 with a talk show hosted by American tech ethnographer and three times The Conference speaker, Tricia Wang. Tricia will explore topics of identity, community and art starting with one of Sweden’s most beloved artists —hip hop artist Jason Timbuktu Diakité, whose political messages and infectiously danceable beats have penetrated the Swedish pop cultural consciousness. The show will wrap up with Alqumit Alhamad, a new Malmö citizen who recently fled from ISIS controlled Raqqa, Syria and has chosen Sweden as his new home because of its extensive protection of gay rights.

Jason and Alqumit will speak about their connection to Malmö, commitment to expressing political views in their art, and role as cultural ambassadors of generations of people who have come before them. People who don’t have the privilege of a platform.

This talk show marks the beginning of a dialogue that makes the complexities of creating a sense of self visible. We look forward to having you join us for what promises to be an enlightening and much needed discussion. And oh! The bar is open for some afternoon delight.

VAD: The Conference: OLD NEW – New ways of seeing in a binary world
NÄR: Lördag 2 september, 12:45-14:30
VAR: Babel, Spångatan 38, Malmö
ENTRÉ: Fri entré – Registrera på https://2017.theconference.se