180302 : Death By Horse (SE) + Astro-Lloyd (SE) + The Driftwood Sign (SE) LIVE

Tre grymma Malmöband slår sig ihop för en grym konsertkväll!

Death By Horse creates music that is straight and honest, it’s vivid and high energy. Everything is allowed as long as it comes from the heart. The seeds for what would become Death By Horse was planted in the beginning of 2015. The summer was dedicated to compose the music for the debut album “This To Shall Pass” and was released in April 2016. In the music the listener is greeted with joy , seriousness , spontaneity and playfulness. The similarities to the band’s music can be found in punk, rock and pop genres . In the lyrics you will find both heavy and real-life topics. The purpose is to affect.
Death By Horse – Burning The Witches

Astro-Lloyd is all about the love for music – constantly seeking to widen their horizon by using inspiration from a wide variety of genres and creating a new sound. Some of the greatest influences include Foo Fighters and Biffy Clyro. Their debut album ’Astro Life’ was released on April 28th 2017 and they are currently working on an EP consisting acoustic versions of a couple of songs from said album, to be released 2018.
Astro-Lloyd – Tiny White Lies

After a fruitful jam session in 2009 The Driftwood Sign was born out of the desire to combine heavy music with great vocal melodies. From there a solid base was grinded out in the rehearsal room earning the band a support slot for Tremonti’s Copenhagen gig in 2013 and the release of a 5-song EP in 2015. Going through the ups and downs of musical collaboration the band ended up in a new lineup in 2016 with a brand new bass player and lead guitarist ushering the band into a new heavier era. A full length album combining the melodic vocals with metal, heavy rock and post-grunge influences is planned for release in 2018!
The Driftwood Sign – Disorder

VAD: Death By Horse (SE) + Astro-Lloyd (SE) + The Driftwood Sign (SE)
NÄR: Fredag 2 mars, 19:00, på scen 20:00
VAR: Babel, Spångatan 38, Malmö
I DÖRREN: 80 kr, student 70 kr
ÅLDER: 13 år

Vi på Babel har en nolltolerans mot våld, hot, sexuellt ofredande, droger, vapen, rasism, sexism, homo-, trans- och funkofobi samt alla former av övergrepp.

Babel är rullstolsanpassat, be någon i personalen att hjälpa till och visa var vår ramp är belägen.