170113 : Y U N G by TV.FEH + H.H.A.S.

Str8 up 808 mayhem and trapmusic i kyrkan och i baren blir det house av alla de slag!

YUNG - 16 decemberY U N G by TV.FEH
Yung is back with more 808 madness and trapbeats. This time we invite special witch house legend D E P R E S S E D 0 4 0 but also Yung Blood AURA OYASUMI for a special DJ-set.

Welcome 2 Yung. Bring your style, health and waves. Get lit!

D E P R E S S E D 0 4 0 aka yung depression うつ病

A U R A _ O Y A S U M l (DJ-set) aka yung aurora オーロラ

DJ Swedbank aka yung bög ホモ

The idea is very simple. We founded a society for hi-hat appreciating people – an initiative that shares house music from likeminded friends, as well as binds them together. And the best thing – you’re all invited to take part.

The society has been growing steadily now for quite some time and apart the H.H.A.S. mix series and a number of ‘one-offs’ there has also been some truly great underground events with guests Paxton Fettel & Ryan Dank from Copenhagen, Huerta from Berlin, Henrik Bergqvist from Stockholm and Tobias J from our own city. For a number of nights to come however, it’s the three founding fathers who will take place behind the decks and serve you with all shades of house music there is.
CARL RICHTER: http://soundcloud.com/carlrichter
DAVID STRÖMBÄCK: http://soundcloud.com/stromback
SUNE: http://soundcloud.com/emilsunesson

VAD: Y U N G by TV.FEH + H.H.A.S.
NÄR: Fredag 13 januari, kl 23:00-03:00
VAR: Babel, Spångatan 38, Malmö
DJs i kyrkan: Y U N G-DJs
DJs i baren: H.H.A.S.
I DÖRREN: Fri entré innan 23.30, 60 kr innan midnatt, sedan 100 kr
ÅLDER: 18 år